The SafePay Cryptocurrency Wallet makes your crypto payments and storage safe and easy!

For maximum security, your keys are stored on your device, not on a server, Transactions are signed and then broadcasted from your device.

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Below are some of the best features provided by SafePay.

Shared Wallets

Shared wallets (multi-signature wallets) for group spending and security.

Paper Wallet Sweeps

Using a paper wallet sweep you can securely transfer your funds easily to SafePay.

Cross Platform

SafePay is cross-platform app working. Avaialble on Computer, iOS and Android.

Safe & Secure

Your keys are stored on your device, not on a server, signing and then broadcasting the transaction from your device.

Transaction Records

Easily Trace and maintain your transaction records for your wallet.


The wallet is highly configurable and customizable.


Below is a list of all the coins supported by SafePay, to view the coins website simply click the coins name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions and answers.

Do I have to write down my recovery words?

You really, really, really should. If you don’t and you lose the device, your funds are lost unless you’ve already exported it to another device.

What if I’m just testing and I won’t be using the wallet again, and I really don’t want to write down the words?

There is a work around. You shouldn’t get into the habit of using it. After tapping the fourth word in the backup word game, look for the copy button. If you’re trying to bypass writing down your phrase, you’ll know what to do from here..

Why does each wallet need its own recovery words?

This is a more secure implementation of using a recovery phrase. If all wallets used the same words, then if your words are compromised, ever, then all your wallets would be compromised. Further, this allows for more distinction between wallets of the same coin. In theory, even putting your recovery words once into an online BIP39 Mnemonic Code Converter is a risk, since they’re sent to an external website.

How do I import my recovery words from another wallet?

If you are using words from another wallet such as Coinomi, then you actually have to create a new wallet in SafePay, choose the coin, and specify a custom recovery phrase under the advance options. After that, in the new wallet, go to settings in top right, choose addresses, and then click the “scan addresses for funds” button.

How do I import my recovery words if I lose my phone?

If you are recovering a wallet that already exists/existed in SafePay, then use the Import Wallet option. Select the appropriate coin, then type in your recovery words. This works with whatever number of recovery words your wallet has.